Supporting Trans Youth

On Thursday, June 24 2021, the Center of Excellence hosted an Ask Our Experts session on supporting trans and gender diverse youth in the midst of a record-breaking year for anti-trans legislation. Please find the link to the recording below as well as a list of resources and peer-reviewed articles clinicians can use to better meet the needs young trans people.

Ask Our Experts: Supporting the Mental Health of Trans & Gender Diverse Youth Amid Anti-Trans Legislation

Thirty-three states have introduced more than 100 bills
targeting the rights of trans people, the majority of which would affect
children and youth. These bills, which range from barring trans students from
participating in sports to criminalizing gender-affirming medical care, are
detrimental to the health and well-being of young trans people. This session
will provide an opportunity to connect with clinical and legal experts from
across the country on supporting the mental health of trans youth affected by
this legislation.

Christopher Bellonci (he/him)

Ashley Austin (she/her)

Ryan Papciak (he/him)

Christina Wilson Remlin (she/her)


American Academy of Pediatrics

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

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